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Heroes look at the harshest difficulties and are compelled by the deepest love to act. They shift their focus from problems that appear insurmountable to solutions that are personal. And the best of heroes invite others to join them to make a difference. Rodney D. Bullard

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Utah CASA would like to take the opportunity to point out some protective factors that can lesson the likelihood of abuse.

The Search Institute created a checklist to focus on building developmental relationships with youth during the COVID-19 crisis. Try these ideas to interact with youth by utilizing video visits and other forms of communication while maintaining social distancing.

Art projects can be a way to break the ice with your child and also create something together for your child to keep.

CASA volunteers go beyond mentoring by advocating for positive changes which categorizes them as “quality” mentors where the relationship results in the positive development of youth toward a healthy and productive future to achieve their fullest potential.