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Remote Visits

Advocate Toolbox

In the face of the coronavirus crisis, now is a time that we must stay connected. We know how important the CASA family is to our volunteers, attorneys, parents, and most of all, to the children being served. In good times and bad, our CASA volunteers will continue their child advocacy because of their commitment to the children. Through remote interactions, such as FaceTime, Zoom, texting, volunteers are staying connected with their CASA children.

Children respond very well to interactions with people by way of video chat platforms. Here are some ideas to create an interactive and engaging experience for children:

·       Choose a good time of day for both yourself and the child(ren).

·       Have materials at your side-storybook, musical instrument, even a creative art project.

·       Keep eye contact to engage and communicate effectively.

·       Be spontaneous and fun.

·       Talk about healthy habits to maintain while at home.

·       Support remote school learning by asking questions and following up.

·       Validate any disappointments and talk about concerns.

·       Be mindful.

·       Use age appropriate language.

Things you can do on Zoom:

·       Watch a movie together.

·       Go on virtual tours of museums, aquariums, and zoos.

·       We love our Tracy Aviary pass but since we can't use it right now, support them by visiting their virtual resources page.

·       Free story streaming on Audible.

·       Just chat! It can be easier to engage kids when they can see your face.

Drop off a Survival Kit at their front door (or have it mailed) and then use it to help you interact with them virtually. Here are some kit ideas:(These kits may require going to the store unless you have the items on hand. Of course, health and safety is our first priority so please do not go out if it's not necessary.) 

· Coloring books, games, puzzles, small toys (Dollar Store) 

· Home movie kit (Loan them a movie with some microwavable popcorn and candy.)

· A cozy blanket and a book (You can loan them a book of your own) 

· Journal with some fun prompts

· Board games (games like Guess Who or Battle Ship can be fun to do virtually) 

· Slime making kit 

· Manicure kit (nail polish, nail file, & lotion)

· Cookies or a cookie baking kit (cookie dough and milk)