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In-Service Training

Advocate Toolbox

Webinar and Podcast List



The Forgotten Podcast

  •  Navigating Court: Understanding Your Role as a Foster Parent (relevant to CASAs to better understand the Court process)
  • Mentoring Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Foster Child
  •  Avoiding Burnout

TED Talks

  •   A Global Initiative to End Violence Against Children-Howard Taylor
  •   How We Can Help Young People Build a Better Future-Henrietta Fore
  •  To Transform Child Welfare, Take Race Out of the Equation-Jessica Pryce
  •  Social Services are Broken. How Can we Fix them-Hilary Cottam
  •  A Child of the State-Lemn Sissay

 The Aged Out Podcast: The Stories that Built Us

The Peacemakers Podcast (with Randall Butler)