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Webinar and Podcast List


The Forgotten Podcast

Navigating Court: Understanding Your Role as a Foster Parent (relevant to CASAs to better understand the Court process)

  • Mentoring Can Make a Difference in the Life of a Foster Child
  •  Avoiding Burnout

Child Welfare Changing the Face of Foster Care, presented by the Children’s Bureau (podcast) How can child welfare agencies, The issues and trends State and local child welfare agencies are sharing with Dr. Milner 

The Aged Out Podcast: The Stories that Built Us

CASA on the Go, Texas CASA

The Peacemakers Podcast with Randall Butler

Unlocking Us Podcast by Brene Brown (self care) 

TED Talks

  •   A Global Initiative to End Violence Against Children, Howard Taylor
  •   How We Can Help Young People Build a Better Future, Henrietta Fore
  •   How Childhood Trauma Affects Health across a Lifetime, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris
  •  To Transform Child Welfare, Take Race Out of the Equation, Jessica Pryce
  •  Social Services are Broken. How Can we Fix them, Hilary Cottam
  •  A Child of the State, Lemn Sissay

National CASA Webinars

Substance Abuse Ms. Fox is a Program Associate for the National Center on Substance Abuse and Child Welfare at Children and Family Futures. She assists with research and evaluation, technical assistance, and the preparation of products for a national audience. Ms. Fox has over 10 years of extensive experience working in direct clinical practice serving individuals and families with specific settings to include private practice, inpatient psychiatric hospitals, inpatient substance use treatment, state funded community case management services and group living homes, active duty military, forensics, neuroscience research, and diagnostics. Ms. Fox has experience as an Associate Regional Director, Clinical Director, primary therapist and case manager for children, adolescents and adults. She received a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from the University of Houston, Victoria and a Bachelor of Arts in Education from Winthrop University.

Substance Abuse Part 1 (watch here)

Substance Abuse Part 2 (watch here)

How do we Manage Burnout, Secondary Trauma, and Compassion Fatigue. (watch here) 1.5 hours

Presenter’s bio: Françoise Mathieu, M.Ed., RP, CCC. Françoise Mathieu is a Registered Psychotherapist and a subject matter expert on topics related to compassion fatigue and secondary trauma. She is the executive director of TEND, whose aim is to offer consulting and training to professionals on topics related to secondary trauma, compassion fatigue, burnout, self-care, wellness and organizational health. Mathieu has extensive experience working with the legal profession, dependency courts, guardians ad litem, Child advocacy Centers, anti-Human Trafficking and law enforcement. She has presented to the California Children’s Law Centre, the LAPD, the Colorado Collaborative Justice Conference, the International Symposium on Child Abuse, the San Diego International Conference on Child and Family Maltreatment, The Boulder County District Attorney’s Office, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital in Memphis, the Chief Coroner’s Office of Ontario, the Los Angeles County Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force and many other agencies who do high stress trauma exposed work. 

Texas CASA Free Video’s

Trauma & ACES by Dr. Rob Anda (Here)

Socioeconomic Issues by Dr. Mical Raz (Here)

Supporting Connections & Community During COVID-19 Dr. Bruce Perry & Kevin Campbell 1.5 hrs  On June 23, 2020, Dr. Bruce Perry, M.D., Ph.D., renowned best-selling author, leading trauma expert and founder of The Neurosequential Model Network; Kevin Campbell, international permanency expert and model author of Family Finding; and Texas CASA CEO Vicki Spriggs had a conversation exploring ways CASA and others in the child welfare field can support children, parents and families to be connected and have a sense of community during COVID-19. (Here)

Webinar: The Effects of Prenatal Methamphetamine Exposure UCLA Dr. Lynne Smith

YouTube: Helping Anxious Kids: Practical Tips